Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sneak Peak...New Fabrics on the Way!

Buy Design Fabrics has just placed another fabric order and soon will be offering more fabrics from the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms collection.    Included in the new fabrics will be Amaranth Twilight Peony, a gorgeous mix of aqua, greens, and rose colored blooms.  It will make an excellent companion with so many of the other great fabrics in the Joy collection including my newest fabric, now in stock, Cherry Laurel Dots.  Also included in the new fabric line-up will be Fern Passion Lily.  Not just your average green, the brilliant mixture of charteuse will make such a lovely addition to its counterpart, Mulberry Passion Lily. Both Amaranth Twilight Peony and Fern Passion Lily will compliment all the other amazing fabrics in the Soul Blossoms collection.  So excited to see all of them together!!!

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